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What’s the benefit of using a Travel Agent rather than booking yourself online?

A few years ago, a good friend went on an international holiday with a two-stop flight itinerary. Afterwards, he reflected on how tired he felt when it was over: “I asked if he used a travel agent to book the holiday. He said that he’d used one of the big travel booking sites, and that the itinerary he purchased was the best combination of duration, flight times and price he could find.

So, how would a Travel Agent have made things any easier?

Your Travel Agent therefore has to provide a service that is better, faster and more affordable than you can do yourself.

Let’s talk about them being better than you firstly.  A Travel Agent has access to far more flights, destinations and itineraries than you have on any online site. They can search these quicker than you could. Where they don’t have specific information about destinations they have access to detailed guides on those destinations, which means they can provide information about where you are going.

In terms of being faster; only if you know specifically where you want to go will a Travel Agent be as quick as you. If there is any doubt in your mind about where you want to go then a Travel Agent will be faster than you in finding a suitable destination that’s good value for money.

How about the cost of a holiday? As previously mentioned, the Travel Agent has access to more flights, more destinations and ongoing sales from tour operators than any online site. They can search multiple suppliers’ sites and come back with results to suit any reasonable price.

The travel agent can also advise on attractions at your destination and book tickets for them which are often cheaper than gate prices. They can book your airport hotels & car parks before you fly and airport lounges at home and abroad to make that holiday special.

Well is that it then? Well no it’s not because leading up to your holiday your travel agent will keep in touch and deliver your itinerary & tickets. They will wish you a good time and even give you a call on your return to find out how you enjoyed yourself.

Travel Agents provide a personalised service that no online booking system can ever provide, so call Mint Holidays today on 01282 930295 to book your next break.




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