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Landlocked in the heart of Europe, Austria runs from the Alps in the west down to Vienna in the east. For six centuries it was the heart of the mighty Hapsburg Empire. At its peak it included what is now Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and much of Romania, Bulgaria and the Balkans. The country’s imperial inheritance is particularly striking in the grand buildings and cultural institutions of the Baroque-flavoured capital, Vienna. With palaces and captivating churches, coffeehouses and inns, and grand ballrooms where Strauss waltzes still draw dancers onto the floor.

Another of the great classical composers spawned by Austria was Mozart, born in Salzburg. A beautiful historic city where stunning Baroque churches rise up against the backdrop of the Austrian Alps. The Alps stretch west to Switzerland and in winter, skiers come from all continents to carve the slopes. They experience the charm of the alpine villages and their welcoming inhabitants.
The Austrian appeal lay in its romantic classical past, but this doesn’t mean modern Austria has stood back from development. Behind the stunning scenery and architecture a vibrant industrial and commercial society is alive in the cities and towns. Austrians work hard, but they also know how to play hard. Austrian hospitality and cuisine are legendary. From a cruise on the magnificent Danube River to a cycle tour through the Alpine meadows. Or a breath-taking day’s sightseeing in busy Vienna, visitors to here will never have a dull moment.

Austria Climate

Austria enjoys a temperate Central European climate with four distinct seasons. Summers, between June and August, are hot with cool nights. In Vienna and other low-lying cities temperatures during the day can get uncomfortably hot over July and August. Winters are cold, below freezing in January and February. The ski season in the Alps runs from December to April but the mountains are also popular with hikers and climbers over the summer when the weather is usually warm and bright.

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