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Graced with beaches bleached white by the year-round sun and surrounded by sparkling turquoise waters filled with varied and colourful sea life. The islands of the Bahamas are a major destination for divers, sailors and sun-worshippers. Although often thought to be part of the Caribbean, the Bahamas is actually an archipelago of 700 islands. With thousands of small ‘cays’ strung out in the ocean, starting 55 miles (89km) from Miami in the Atlantic Ocean.

Due to its proximity to the US, the Bahamas has become an offshore banking and financial centre. Tourism, however, remains its most important industry. The long stretches of empty beaches, clear waters and excellent facilities have made the Bahamas popular throughout the year. Its multitude of attractions on each of the islands ensure that there is something for everyone.

What to do in the Bahamas

The Bahamas are the quintessence of ‘holiday heaven’. With things to see and do reaching far beyond sunbathing on the miles of white sandy beaches, or idly frolicking in the translucent turquoise waters. The islands offer a number of activities and attractions. With everything from Loyalist settlement ruins and the Glass Window Bridge to Christopher Columbus’ first stop in the New World. The Bahamas also boasts one of the largest underwater cave systems in the world. Scuba divers can see the mysterious stone blocks in the waters off Bimini. These were said to be part of the ‘lost city’ of Atlantis. Or why not visit Long Island to explore the deepest ‘blue hole’ in the world.

A unique experience for tourists is the possibility of taking a walk along the ocean floor. Wearing a rig, reminiscent of the days before scuba technology, courtesy of Hartley’s Undersea Walk. Divers need no experience as they wear an undersea botanical helmet that allows for normal breathing and dry hair. There are any number of activities for visitors who want to do more than just lie around: cycling, tennis, cricket, horse riding, golf and other activities are available on land, along with attractions like casinos, restaurants, spas, bars and clubs.

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