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Bali has long been equated with an exotic paradise. A picturesque vision of green rice fields and plantations, soaring volcanoes, cool lakes, lush forests and palm fringed beaches. It is Indonesia’s number one tourist spot and it is not difficult to understand why. It has an incredible coastline but also the original charm of the ‘Island of the Gods’. Its smiling people, especially in the many small rural villages and fascinating places of the fertile interior.

What sets Bali apart from the rest of Indonesia is the prevalence of Balinese Hinduism. Scattered around Bali are thousands of Hindu temples and places of worship. The island’s religious beliefs are evident in the ceremonies, daily rituals and attitudes of the locals. In the offerings of flowers and food that adorn the roadsides. The charms hung inside taxis, and the numerous vibrant festivals that occur throughout the year. Art is an integral part of daily life, every village has artists, from acclaimed painters to aspirational cow herders. Ubud, the cultural centre, with streets lined with art and crafts shops, also offers performances of traditional dance and music.

With its fine beach, the popular resort of Kuta is the most visited destination. There are numerous other beach resorts around the island, with more peaceful settings. Examples are Candidasa, Sanur, and the fishing village of Padang Bai, and on the northern coast at Lovina. There are a number of good scuba diving sites and reef snorkelling spots close by.


Lying just south of the equator, Bali has a tropical monsoon climate with two distinct seasons: wet (November to March) and dry (April to October). Bali, and in fact the whole Indonesian archipelago, experiences only slight temperature variations from season to season due to the warm ocean currents that keep heat fairly constant on land. There is also very little variation in daylight hours from season to season.

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