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Situated in the heart of Europe, Germany is an established and rewarding destination on any tour of the subcontinent. Its land is wide and varied, with turreted castles nestled below snow-capped mountains, lush river valleys. Its dark and mysterious forests, and bustling medieval villages. Discover the country that gave us Beethoven and Bauhaus, Goethe and Glühwein, Lager and Lederhosen – it seldom disappoints!

Germany remains one of the world’s top sightseeing destinations by virtue of its unique and important historical attractions. Visit charming medieval buildings, or the varied and beautiful landscape, attend legendary cultural events. The country has played a leading role in world history and many of its attractions, vary from the celebrated to the infamous. Major cities, such as Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt, are attractions themselves, so visit their historical treasures and sites of interest. Dachau and Checkpoint Charlie point to more troubled periods. While the magnificent Rhineland and Garmisch-Partenkirchen region offer enough natural splendour to please even the most demanding outdoor enthusiasts.

Visit Munich the home of the world’s biggest parties, the legendary Oktoberfest. Drive the Romantic Road between Berlin and Frankfurt which showcases old towns and villages. Germany is certainly a year-round destination, although the European winters (December to February) can get very cold. Without a car the best way to travel around the country is by train. The network is comprehensive, very reliable and safe, and decent value for money. Another option is to rent a car and drive between attractions as fast as you like on the Autobahn.

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