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The Olympic Games were spawned in ancient Greece, along with democracy and the fundamentals of philosophy, science and mathematics. The Greek civilisation is renowned for contributing many of the cultural building blocks that western civilisation is founded on.

The modern country is better known as a great holiday destination, rather than a centre of learning and culture. Today the country attracts visitors by the thousands by offering simple pleasures. Delicious food and wine at reasonable prices and beautiful beaches and plentiful sunshine. Quaint villages, a seemingly endless lacework of coastline, and little islands full of scenic surprises and ancient sites. The Greeks welcome with open arms the thousands of visitors that flock to admire their national assets every year. No-one leaves without having been warmed, both by the sun and the hospitality.

Greece Climate

The peak holiday season in Greece is summer, between June and August. This is when the heat and sunshine attracts millions for beach holidays. June and September are also lovely, hot times to visit and slightly less crowded. Autumn is generally a pleasant time to visit Greece as it is less hot and the weather is mild. The winter months, between December and February, are the coldest and the most variable weather-wise. This makes them the least popular months to visit. For those visiting to explore cultural and historical attractions the country can be seen as a year-round destination.

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