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Holland the country of tulips, windmills and bicycles stretches out over a flat landscape of land reclaimed from the sea. Urban centres and rural towns are contained within the expansive vistas broken here and there by canals, castle walls and dikes.

Most people travelling to Holland head for the unique experience of its capital city, Amsterdam. The other parts are largely unaffected by tourism, particularly the areas outside the Randstad. The southern lands are transformed by undulating landscapes of shifting sands and heath moors. This is best experienced within the Hoge Veluwe National Park. Further south, tucked between the German and Belgian borders, lays the historical city of Maastricht.

This picturesque country is home to a wealth of art, history and culture. While Amsterdam deservedly dominates the tourist trade there are other interesting cities to explore, like Delft and Rotterdam. Holland is also blessed with lovely natural landscapes so it is no wonder why tourists flock here every year. Sights and attractions are distinguished by historical names such as Anne Frank or Rembrandt, both immortalised in Amsterdam museums. Other highlights of the country for tourists include the Van Gogh Museum) as well as the ancient city of Groningen.

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