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Balearic Islands

The three islands of Menorca, Majorca and Ibiza make up the Balearic Islands. The three islands are all very different and have their own identity when it comes to tourism.

Minorca (Menorca)

Despite its popularity as a beach holiday paradise, Menorca remains one of the loveliest, most unspoilt islands in the Mediterranean. Menorca is therefore a great option for travelers wanting a more authentic Spanish beach resort holiday.

Mallorca (Majorca)

The island of Majorca, off the east coast of Spain, is the largest in the Balearic Island group. The islands collectively form one of the most popular beach holiday destinations in the Mediterranean, if not the world. Visit Majorca for sun and fun on the beautiful beaches, as most people do. Then take a break from the beach resorts and heading off for a tour of the island. Do this by car, or even bicycle, to discover the romantic fishing villages and historic monasteries. The monuments, museums and spectacular landscapes that are tucked away from the madding crowds.


Ibiza is the third largest of the Balearic Islands, covering just 225 square miles (585 square km). In recent times it has become the best known of the archipelago and a hugely popular destination for young revelers. Also middle-class European package tourists and gay travelers, imbue the island with a chic and trendy atmosphere. This is well expressed by its famously frenetic nightlife. Ibiza has plenty to offer besides nightclubs – its jagged coastline contains dozens of dreamy white sandy beaches. Hidden coves and bays, villages of white-washed houses tumbling down cliff sides, and a green, hilly interior landscape. The landscape that is decorated with fig and olive trees.

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