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Too many believe New York City is New York State, but there is much more to this historic and scenically diverse state than the Big Apple. Of course, many of the world’s most iconic landmarks can be found in New York City, including the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building and Times Square, but those that can tear themselves away from the city will find the rest of the state has a lot to offer. Within an hour’s drive of the city visitors can find the beaches of Long Island, or escape to the Catskill Mountains to fish, hike or ski.

A little farther north, on the Hudson River, is the state capital, Albany, which is a good base for exploring ‘upstate’ New York. In the centre of the state, the beautiful Adirondacks region can be found, home to some of the highest and most dramatic mountains in the eastern United States, attracting the energetic with a range of activities including hiking, skiing, horse riding and mountain biking.

On the border with Canada, between lakes Ontario and Erie, is one of the country’s most spectacular natural attractions, and certainly the most popular: Niagara Falls. And located midway between Niagara Falls and New York City are the Finger Lakes, which despite being within 200 miles (322km) of the city remain one of the most unspoilt vacation areas in the USA, renowned not only for the picturesque lakes but also wineries and lush forests.

New York’s climate can vary in different areas, but it falls in the continental climate zone and experiences four distinct seasons. Summers tend to be mild and the south-eastern lowlands usually experience the warmest temperatures, as well as the biggest breaks between frosts. Across the state, winters are cold and snowy, and in the central and northern areas the lakes usually freeze over. New York winters, in general, tend to be unpredictable, sometimes wild, sometimes severe and stormy; while summers can get hot and humid, often lasting until September.

In New York City the high temperatures in mid-summer (July) average around 86°F (28°C), and in mid-winter (January) the temperatures average as low as 28°F (-2°C).

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