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Norway is a wildly beautiful country of snow-capped mountains and deep glacier-carved fjords. The  scenery of the southwestern Fjordlands and the mysterious Northern Lights of the Arctic are the main draw for tourists. There are many incentives to visit this sparsely inhabited country. It offers remote wildernesses and outdoor activities, forests, historic towns and charming fishing villages, friendly people, and the Arctic Circle. It also boasts some of the most scenic bus trips, boat cruises and train rides in the world.
It’s the best adventure-tourism destinations in the world, with an intriguing folk culture to match its dramatic landscapes. It is an expensive country to visit but provides once-in-a-lifetime experiences that truly reward the investment.

Climate in Norway

Despite its northerly location, the coastal climate is temperate, thanks to the effects of the Gulf Stream. Summer is June to August, it brings long, hot days with temperatures of 86°F (30°C), and sea temperatures of 64°F (18°C). Even in the north, summer temperatures rise to 77°F (25°C) or more. However, summer weather can be changeable  and the summer months can be wet. In winter much of the country is snow-clad. With very low temperatures in the north and the low-lying inland regions of the south. Temperatures can drop below -40°F (-40°C). In contrast, the coast enjoys mild winters, although gales and rain are common. In spring, between May and mid-June, it’s at its prettiest. Everything comes to life and blossoms and the snow melt swelling the waterfalls.

June and July is often considered the best time to visit because of the warm weather and the long days. The day sees sunlight until nearly 10pm. These peak summer months are also the most crowded. March is the best time to go skiing, and May and September offer nice weather and slightly smaller crowds. The Northern Lights are unpredictable, but there is a possibility of seeing them any time between late September and March.

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