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St Lucia

St Lucia is a wonderful destination for tourists with a tropical and sun-soaked holiday in mind. Its many beaches, emerald waters and incredible resorts draw in hordes of visitors every year. Most guests arrive on cruise liners at the island’s main port, Castries. Generally they do little more than shop for souvenirs at the likes of the Castries Central Market and enjoy the beach. However, holidaymakers looking for something more won’t be disappointed. Those who have time to explore are enchanted by the jungle walks and biking trails. There are also natural attractions like the fascinating Soufriere Volcano with its bubbling sulphur springs.

Visitors also enjoy the botanical gardens and the UNESCO-listed twin peaks which are known as ‘The Pitons’. The Pigeon Island National Park is also popular among tourists for its white sandy beaches. As is seeing the best panoramic views of the island from the old town of Vieux Fort. Those with a taste for sun and relaxation will not be disappointed in St Lucia, but neither will those looking for a more diverse tourist offering.

Climate in St Lucia

Like all Caribbean islands, St Lucia enjoys a hot, tropical climate throughout the year. The average daily temperatures of 80°F (27°C) tend to be tempered by trade winds. The driest time on the island is between January and March but showers can occur throughout the year, however they are usually over quickly. Hurricane season is generally from June to November.

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