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Snow-capped Alps, forested hills, fairy tale castles, renaissance cathedrals, shimmering lakes, stylish spas and luxury ski resorts. It’s easy to see why Switzerland has been one of the world’s top tourist destinations for the past 20 years.

It is the country that fashioned tourism, so it’s no surprise that it caters to visitors all year round. In spring and summer it offers lakeside chalets, mountain trails and spa resorts. In the southern region of Ticino, visitors will find palm-fringed Riviera-style resorts offering a variety of water sports. Those keen on hiking and mountaineering will find over 31,000 miles of mountain and forest trails throughout the country.

Skiing in Switzerland

In November the country’s ski resorts begin opening, and visitors pour in throughout the Christmas season. The crowds do not abate until the snow begins to melt with the onset of spring. With the highest pistes in Europe, the ski runs offer reliable snow and breathtaking views. Most resorts also have plenty to do for those not so keen on skiing. This makes this country the perfect destination for a winter fantasy of log fires, fondues and glistening snow.

Switzerland’s cities are pristine and beautifully laid out with famous Swiss precision. Zurich is widely regarded as the intellectual and artistic centre of the country. Sporting incredible architecture and more than a thousand fountains, with many museums and galleries to boot. Geneva is the principal city for the international community, and is home to hundreds of world organisations. Its setting on the shores of Lake Geneva gives it a romantic atmosphere. The city also has an exciting, if rather expensive, nightlife.

Switzerland s’ Climate

The temperature is moderate with no extremes of hot and cold, so Switzerland can be visited at anytime of year. Summer is warm to hot lasting from about June to September, and although good for outdoor activities it is also the most crowded time for a holiday. Ski resorts open in late November and remain so until the snow begins to melt in April.

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