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Spa Break Offers

There is no doubt that everyone over indulges over the Xmas and New Year period and there follows a period of guilt when we realise what we have done. What better way to remove that guilt than to go on a Spa retreat where you can relax or exercise, eat and drink sensibly and be pampered with luxurious treatments.

Later in the year after gruelling months of working with no play time, why not go again for a pick me up like no other!

Spa retreats provide an environment that is calm and relaxing. Most don’t have a set routine and those set up for tourist trade will not have any routine at all but expect you to come and go as you please and book treatments or exercise classes when it suits you. Why not get a group of friends together and book a spa holiday together and take advantage of special group booking rates and you can all enjoy the time relaxing in each other’s company.

Mint Holidays can provide spa holidays in the UK or abroad and have special rates that apply to our customers. At some resorts we can also book a range of treatments at time of booking to ensure you get the treatment time and day that you want.

So don’t delay, call Mint Holidays on 01282 930295 to book your Spa Break today!